ConnecTherapy iPhone mockup


There is currently no way to access quests through the map feature.


Create a better map experience for players by allowing them to see their quests on the map.


UX/UI designer


Figma, Photoshop


Experience Goals

With multiple goals to choose from, I looked at usability, desirability, scalability, and feasibility goals for each one.


To better engage players I decided to focus on the map and quest goals. Merging these two items would allow a better player experience. I looked at the scope of the project to understand which elements should be focused on and in which priority.


Current Flow Chart

After narrowing down the focus to the map and quest integration I looked at the current flow chart to see how best to create the new flow.

affinity diagram results

Proposed Flow Chart

In the curent flow the map and quests are separate with no integration at all. The new flow will integrate these two to make a more cohesive experience for players.


Using other games as a reference for how best to integrate the map and quests screens I was able to create the following wireframes.

Main map screen showing quests in the player’s area.

Map with quest list opened showing the type of quests (Archon, Story, World) and the quests within each category.

Selecting a quest opens a window that gives the location, details, rewards received once completed and a button to go to the quest.

Once quest is selected it will appear highlighted on the map so the player can easily find it.


Final Thoughts

The main challenge was understanding and sticking to the specific needs of the players. What would be the most important features that the players would benefit from? By creating the experience goals chart I narrowed the focus on the map and quests integration. From there I focused on how best to integrate the quests into the map feature. Researching how other games did this helped in understanding what would work for Genshin.

In the future, I would like to improve more of the features to create a better player experience.