The boot camp tutorial only shows the Scorestreak feature once. 


Build upon the tutorial and create multiple Scorestreak learning opportunities in the gameplay.


UX/UI designer


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With our goal of COD Mobile to become a top performer our aim is to have a D1 retention of at least 40% or higher. I am proposing to improve the Scorestreak feature to better help players engage with the content and continually bring them back to play the game. 

“Scorestreak in the gameplay tutorial is not repetitive enough for new players.”

The Scorestreak feature is shown only once and isn’t repeated throughout the boot camp tutorial. This leads to a decrease in the chances of the new player remembering how to acquire and use the Scorestreak.

Gameplay Tutorial Breakdown

In the walkthrough the new player is taught the following actions:




Simple & Advanced Shooting Control

Changing from Simple to Advanced Shooting via Settings



Sniper Weapon

Move, view, shoot, reload, and weapons are repeated several times throughout the tutorial so players can easily understand and remember those aspects of the gameplay.

The Scorestreak feature would benefit from a separate gameplay that focuses on acquiring that feature and using it. 

Usability, Desirability, and Scalability

Players must understand how to acquire a Scorestreak, how to access the information screen, and how to use Scorestreak.

New players may not understand how to get a Scorestreak after the tutorial. Building the first mission around the acquisition of Scorestreaks would better enhance a new player’s experience.


Players understand how to access Scorestreak information

  • error rate
  • number of navigations to Scorestreak page 

Players understand how to use acquire Scorestreak in-game

  • Number of Scorestreaks in-game


Players like the scorestreak options

  • Completion time/rate
  • Scorestreak usage


Players can see all the Scorestreak items available to them and how much they cost.

  • Error rate
  • Retention – continue playing
  • Target higher daily

Quantitative and Qualitative Goals

Using both Qualitative and Quantitative goals to understand new player’s interactions with Scorestreak, I decided that it required a more in-depth approach in the boot camp or a separate tutorial built within the first mission.

Retention Evaluation

New players need to understand and remember the boot camp training so that they can successfully continue the game. Remembering Scorestreak may become an issue as it was briefly shown and there were no repetitive actions/cues to help the new players remember how to acquire and activate it.

This feature could become a source of frustration within gameplay missions leading to the possibility of players abandoning the game.

affinity diagram results

The main purpose of COD Mobile is for players to act as soldiers by going on missions to eliminate their enemy quickly and attain victory for their team.

The keyword here is “Quickly”. If the new player is aggravated and unable to get Scorestreaks this will decrease their enjoyment and may lead to losing more often without the advantage of the Scorestreak rewards. 

Learning Experience

Currently, Scorestreak is shown in the boot camp and is clear, instant, and rewarding during the gameplay.

Since it only comes up once within the tutorial there is no repetition to help the new player remember how to get a Scorestreak when playing missions.

Player Habits

With Scorestreak being a player’s reward for playing well it’s an integral part of the desirability of the game. Breaking up the tutorial into two different gameplays will allow new players to focus on understanding how to attain Scorestreaks. Repeating the actions in the gameplay will allow new players to easily remember how Scorestreak works, receive the rewards, and earn more victories.

Reminder (Cues)

Players unlock Scorestreak abilities to attain the right amount of points. 

  • cue when achieved and is player-dependent


Players see clearly how to complete the routine of unlocking and using the Scorestreak ability.


Feedback is instant, efficient, and rewarding.

Scorestreak tutorial screen

Tap the scorestreak icon to deploy the weapon.

Deploying the Scorestreak reward.

Current Flow

In the current flow, the new player is shown how to move, view, shoot, and reload a few times during the bootcamp. The player is then shown two versions of shooting followed by the sniper weapon is shown. After using the sniper weapon the player gets a Scorestreak and is shown how to choose the weapon and aim it. Using it allows the player to attain victory for their team.

At this point in the walkthrough, the bootcamp is over and it’s time for players to complete new missions. This is problematic for those who don’t understand the Scorestreak because of the lack of repetition in the tutorial.

Proposed Flow

In the proposed flow we will be keeping the first introduction of the Scorestreak and then adding cues within mission 1 to allow new players to have a chance to understand Scorestreak better and to repeat those cues so they have a better chance of retaining the information. 

Final Thoughts

“Adding cues for Scorestreak in the first mission will allow new players to understand and repeat the actions required to attain Scorestreak items and increase the desirability of the game. This will lead to better player retention. “

With the addition of cues for Scorestreak in the first mission, new players will better understand the process of gaining a Scorestreak and using it. This will lead to a better playing experience and new players will want to come back and play COD Mobile again.