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Dream Bucket


Dream Bucket is an Users are able to search and add items as well as add their own ideas. They can create financial goals, rank their bucket list items and add a timeline to complete a particular goal. In addition, they will be able to join communities of like-minded individuals to make connections and go on adventures together.

The Problem:
When people think of a bucket list, they think of those paper lists where they write down their dreams. Those pieces of papers can be misplaced. Or, people think they will just remember those bucket list items and don’t even write them down at all.

The Solution:
The Dream Bucket app will keep track of your list and provide suggestions if one is looking for inspiration. The app also allows people to share their list with friends or other users with similar interests. A handy financial tool allows users to budget for their dreams.

My Role:
UI designer

Austin Atkinson, Julie Dinwoodie, Grace Kwon, Sea Reisi & Susan David

Figma, Miro, Trello, QuickTime, Abode Illustrator & Photoshop


Project Overview

What do you want to accomplish in your lifetime? 

A bucket list is a must-do list of things you want to do, see or experience. There are endless bucket list ideas to choose from, and it can be hard to get choose one that’s right for you. 

Through initial interviews with potential users, we discovered what they felt would be essential in a bucket list app:

  • Track financial goals
  • Create timelines
  • Allow users to rank the importance of their items
  • Share their list with friends
  • Join an online community of users with similar aspirations


We called it:

Definition & Ideation

User Insight Statement

Linda, a Business Analytics Director, is excited about traveling and checking items off her bucket list. She needs a tool to help her find items for her list and allow her to share her experiences with family and friends (new and old).

Problem statement

The Dream Bucket was designed for users to achieve their ultimate bucket list goals. Based on our preliminary research, users don’t currently use an application or website to manage their bucket list but rather write down their ideas, which can be easily lost or misplaced.

The Dream Bucket app was designed so that our customers are successful by allowing our users to organize their ideas, get suggestions based on their saved items, share their bucket lists to find like-minded users, and organize their finances for their items.

UX Hypothesis

We believe that having an app where a user can track and manage their goals will result in increasing user engagement and satisfaction.

We will know this is true when users can financially manage their goals and join a like-minded community that keeps them engaged.


User Flow

For our User Flow process, we considered the most important features and tasks that our users would go through, such as logging in as a first time user, searching the bucket list items and saving an item to their personal bucket list.


Final Thoughts

Our main challenge was understanding how users collect their bucket list items and figuring out how we could make the process of collecting these lists much easier for the users. We created an app that not only allowed the user to add a bucket list item but also track their saving goals, a timeline to hit that goal and a budgeting option.

In the future we would like to add a community feature that creates a more interactive experience for our users by linking them with like-minded individuals.

Dream Bucket Full Case Study – Coming soon